Fire Detection System

Detect the odds of fire accidents in advance with our fire detection systems. Fire Secure offers supply, installation, and maintenance of fire alarm systems across all sectors, from residential buildings to public, commercial spaces like shopping malls, educational institutions, hospitals, etc.

Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant is an emergency fire protection equipment that can tap into providing a water supply, which can help you with fighting accidental fire accidents and hazards. Get certified quality fire hydrants delivered to your place at the best price with Fire Secure

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System

Wet chemical fire suppression systems are made specifically for extinguishing cooking fires in residential and commercial kitchen areas. It sprays suppressant only on the affected area, thus avoiding the chances of it spreading to other areas. We offer customized wet chemical fire suppression systems tailored to your needs.

Deluge System

Deluge systems are pre-action fire safety equipment that uses a is a water mist system with open spray heads attached to a piping system. It is triggered by a detection sensor attached to it. Fire Secure offers a wide range of customized deluge systems.

Gas-based Extinguishing System

Known as the cleanest extinguishing systems, gas-based extinguishing systems will put off the fire with the help of a gaseous extinguishing agent. Fire Secure provides efficient gas extinguishing systems like  Clean Agent (HFC-227ea, FK-5-1-12 ) Fire Suppression Systems, CO2 Systems, etc.

Automatic Sprinkler System

The automatic water sprinkler system has become a vital fire safety solutions in buildings. Our sprinklers backed by high sensitive sensors made using the most advanced technology responds faster, thus saving lives and assets.

Fire Hose Reels And Landing Valves

We supply reliable fire hose reels and fire hose cabinets, both tested and certified on par with international standards across all parts of Dubai. Both these pieces of equipment can be effectively used to combat all range of fires.

Fire Pumps And Accessories

Fire pumps are an essential part especially when it comes to fire fighting. Fire Secure supplies UL certified modern design fire pumps and accessories like relief valves, pressure switches, gauges, pump parts and repack kits, etc at an affordable price range.

Foam-based Extinguishing System

Foam based extinguishing systems has become an important fart of today’s fire extinguishing industry. Combined with the combined effects of foam concentrate, water, and air it can put off fire quickly than other systems. Fire Secure offers supply, installation, and maintenance of Foam based extinguishing systems in Dubai.

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