Design & Engineering

Designing fire safety products is not an ordinary task but requires knowledge and expertise. Fire Secure has professionals who have been designing the fire protection solutions for quite a long time now.

Our professionals make sure that we create advanced systems for your projects by using the latest UAE Life code of guidelines. With all the experience that we have, we can handle any complex projects and can help you design them according to your needs. We have bagged some of the major clients with our ability to execute projects on time and most importantly by executing them, correctly.

Below mentioned are some of the types of projects that we undertake but are not limited to.

● Factories
● Schools
● Hospitals
● Industrial Ware Houses
● Residential building
● Malls
● Commercial Buildings
● Flammable material storage

If you are looking for a service provider who can help you with designing the fire protection products for your building, then worry no more, we have got you covered.



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